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We send you rum every month

We've worked hard to curate a list of “must have” rums, focusing on the best stuff we can get our hands on. Each month, you can expect a new 750ml bottle of fantastic rum at your door that you won't forget. Cancel at any time. No bogus cancellation fees. More...


we make you an expert

To us, rum is about more than how it tastes. Each bottle is accompanied by our own unique 'Rum 101' digital course material. Members learn Rum by learning about a given month's selection, production techniques, trends and history. More...

Here's What They're Saying.

I heard about Taster's Club from a friend so I decided to give it a shot (pun intented!), and I've been hooked ever since. It's convenient, affordable and educational. Without putting any thought or effort into it, I get a new, premium bottle of spirits delivered to my door each month from distilleries all over the country. The background on each rum paired with the educational material gives me a deeper knowledge and appreciation for each one I receive. Jeremy testimonial Jeremy Vandehey Since Jan '14

I was searching for a unique and useful anniversary gift for my husband that wasn't boring and suited his tastes. He loves receiving the different types of Rum each month, and has learned a lot more about the different types as well. He enjoys sharing it with his friends and his collection has grown with unique flavors and types he normally wouldn't have the opportunity to purchase. Danica testimonial Danica Newon Since October '14