Learn All About Rum with Rum101.

Drinking Rum is great. But, for us, there's more to the story.

Each bottle is accompanied with our own unique 'Rum 101' content. Members learn about the world of rum by understanding what they are drinking at that moment and how those rums relate to the larger world of rum, trends, etc…

  • A high-level process of how rum is made
  • What constitutes different styles of rum
  • All about various distilleries around the world
  • Regions of rum and what they’re known for
  • In-depth flavor profiles of bottles they receive

...and much more!

And for signing up, we send you (or the intended recipient) a welcome certificate for joining the club. It comes personalized with the member's name.

Don Q Rum Anejo Grand

Don Q Gran Anejo

April '14
Gosling Rum Old Family Reserve

Gosling Old Rum - Family Reserve

June 2013